What is solar(pop)punk?

Behind the Name: The name solar(pop)punk is derived from solarpunk (a literary and aesthetic theme, based on a near-utopian world where technology and nature are utilized by humanity in the correct balance), and pop-punk (a subgenre of punk designed to be more accessible and relatable to a larger number of people than traditional punk; e.g. Sum-41, Simple Plan)

Why does this website exist? To collect and disseminate hopefully helpful information to people at no cost. Too much in this world is only offered behind paywalls, or is feigned free (i.e. freemium services), and while I understand that we live in a capitalist society, it doesn't mean I have to engage in capitalism with everything I do.

My Rationale: Something I've come to learn over my now 16 years of adulthood is that I enjoy learning weird and obscure things, and being able to provide knowledge to people. That being said, I'm not some great purveyor of knowledge, and many things I learn, I also forget. My hope with solar(pop)punk is to have a repository for the stuff I learn or read about that can hopefully help someone reading it. I'm very much inspired by my friend TortillaTortilla and I only hope I can replicate a fraction of their skill in finding and providing information.